Your Must-Know Guide to Great Beach Wedding Pictures

Marissa Siebert photography Marissa Siebert Photography

Your beach wedding pictures are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning. You’ll treasure these images of your wedding day for years to come so, read through the following for tips and ideas on creating beautiful beach wedding pictures.

Selecting a Wedding Photographer

If you’ve decided upon a beach wedding at a resort, chances are there’s a list of wedding photographers for you to choose from. Some of the larger resorts that specialize in destination weddings even have wedding photographers on staff.

I’ve seen some beautiful wedding pictures taken by resort staff photographers. After all, how can they screw up a gorgeous beachside backdrop you might ask?

Well, it can and does happen if you end up with an inexperienced wedding photographer.

Be sure that you ask to see examples of the photograher’s work. You certainly want someone who specializes in wedding pictures such that they know exactly what poses should be taken.

Checklist of Beach Wedding Pictures

You’ll not want to forget some of the following must-have poses for your wedding album:

Before the Wedding Ceremony

  1. You and any bridesmaids, flower girls, or ring bearers getting ready
  2. You and your maid or matron of honor
  3. You preparing to walk down the aisle
  4. A full length of the back of your wedding dress
  5. Your bouquet
  6. Your groom and his groomsmen getting ready
  7. The wedding ceremony location prior to anyone arriving

Wedding Ceremony Photos

  1. Guests arriving
  2. Ushers seating guests
  3. Parents and grandparents being seated
  4. The groom walking down the aisle or entering
  5. Closeup of the groom as you walk down the aisle
  6. The wedding party watching you walk down the aisle
  7. You walking down the aisle
  8. Flower girls or ring bearers walking down the aisle
  9. You and your groom exchanging your wedding vows
  10. Your first kiss as husband and wife
  11. You and your groom leading the recessional

Portraits following the Wedding Ceremony

  1. You and your groom
  2. You and your groom with the wedding officiant
  3. You and your groom with your side of the family
  4. You and your groom with his side of the family
  5. Signing of the wedding certificate
  6. Your hands together displaying your wedding bands

Reception Photos

    1. The wedding cake
    2. The reception site
    3. Guests awaiting your arrival at the reception
    4. The banquet stations
    5. First dances
    6. Toasts to you and your husband
    7. Guests dancing
    8. Cutting of your wedding cake
    9. Feeding each other the cake
    10. The bouquet toss
    11. The garter toss
  1. Your departure from the reception as husband and wife

Beach Wedding Receptions For Any Budget

Beach wedding receptions can be big and outlandish or small and casual. It all depends on your budget and your desires.

Your beach wedding reception is the celebration of your beach wedding ceremony!

This is it…the moment you’ve been waiting for…the wedding ceremony is over–let the fun begin! You’ve just married the man of your dreams and now it’s time to celebrate the occasion with family and friends at your beach wedding reception party!.

You’ve fussed and mussed over every little detail of the wedding ceremony and the wedding day…the flowers, your hair, your dress, your shoes, your veil, headpiece, the bridesmaids, the flower girl, the ring bearer, the guests, the invitations, the honeymoon, the weather, you name it…you’ve thought about it a time or two…or ten!

Now it’s time to let all of that stress leave your body and have some serious FUN! This is not a time for stuffiness or fussiness anymore. Just relax…be yourself and enjoy being the bride in the spotlight at your beach wedding reception!

It’s YOUR day!

If you’ve planned a large wedding reception directly following the ceremony, you won’t have far to travel for the fun to begin.

Keeping the Beach Wedding Reception Costs Down

The reception is probably where the largest costs will be in the overall beach wedding expenses, excluding resort travel of course.

Perhaps your wedding ceremony is taking place at a beach wedding destination far from your hometown and, not many guests, if any, have traveled with you for the occasion.

You may opt to have a small reception at the actual wedding site then, have a larger reception for friends and family back home that were unable to come to the wedding. This is perfectly acceptable and, it makes a lot of sense too.

Your idea of a perfect beach wedding may in fact be either just the two of you or, your immediate family members at a great beach destination. This certainly cuts down on expenses in a beach resort location.

If you do plan a reception at a later date in your hometown, shop around for a less expensive venue. This way you can invite as many wedding guests as you like, at a fraction of the cost!

The old fashioned church hall reception is a low-cost way to include many more guests than any other venue. Depending on your church, you may not even be charged a rental fee use the fellowship hall if you’re a member of the church.

Some churches even offer catering services by various womens’ groups within the church. This can be extremely affordable.

Since we weren’t active church members at the time, our wedding reception was held in a historic home, the Governor Thomas Bennett House, in Charleston, South Carolina (our hometown).

Plan the time of your wedding ceremony or wedding reception to take place at a time other than the lunch or dinner hour. This allows you to serve hors d’oeuvres as opposed to a sit-down dinner or buffet.

So, to recap some ideas to keep your wedding reception costs down:

  • Consider holding your wedding reception in your hometown at a time later than your wedding day
  • Hold your wedding reception in your church’s fellowship hall
  • Search for low-cost rental fees in a suitable venue
  • Serve hors d’oeuvres as opposed to a full catered meal