Top 5 Musts in Choosing Intimate Apparel for Your Wedding Night

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Top 5 Musts in Choosing Intimate Apparel for Your Wedding Night

Your wedding night intimate apparel should be special…something for you AND your husband!

1.  It MUST be sexy!
This IS your wedding night after all. There’s never going to be a better time to turn on the sex appeal. Your husband will pick up quickly on the scent your giving off.

2.   It MUST fit correctly!
Be sure to take your body type into consideration when you purchase your wedding night under garments. Choose wisely. You’ll want to be sure to choose a style that best accentuates your body.

3.   It MUST make you feel great!
The biggest part of exuding sex appeal is feeling like a sexy woman. If you are feeling like you look great in your wedding night lingerie, you WILL look great!

4.   It MUST be comfortable!
This may seem like it goes against all you’ve been told about being a woman but, to look great and feel great, you must be comfortable down to and beyond your lingerie. Stay away from overly lacy fabrics which tend to be scratchy. Soft and silky–almost “slippery” is the key for the night!

5.   It MUST get the OK from your husband!
You should know your man’s tastes by this point so, be sure to play into what pleases his senses. This is not necessarily one of those times when “less is more”….leave something to his imagination and be sure to accentuate those womanly curves in the most pleasing of tones and fabrics that your husband will go wild over!

Choosing the right intimate apparel will make all the difference. Browse through thousands of styles and designs to find one that’s just right for you and don’t forget about the 5 MUST haves when searching for your wedding night lingerie at

A Christmas Engagement?

Did you get engaged over the Christmas holiday?  Congratulations!  Christmas has long been known as “engagement season” as it’s generally a time when family gathers together so, what better time to propose and share the occasion with family (and friends).

Your head is likely spinning with all sorts of exciting things to come!  And with good reason because, after your proposal and when things settle down a bit, your next step will be to start thinking about a date and venue to tie the knot with your sweetheart!   There are so many options to consider and, they cover the spectrum when it comes to cost.

If you’re trying to stay on a budget, a beach wedding might be something to consider.  All the better if you live within driving distance of a coastal area.  I attended a beautiful beach wedding at Edisto Beach in South Carolina this past June!  My long-time friend (since age 13), Connie, married her fiancé in a small ceremony under a public pavilion right on the beach.  They were surrounded by family and close friends who came to watch them exchange their vows at high noon.  Dress was beach-casual, with sundresses and sandals worn by the guests, and the bride looked stunning in a floral print sundress while the groom wore a pair of white linen slacks and a shirt that complimented the bride’s dress.

If you don’t live within driving distance of a beach or, if you prefer a destination wedding to a more tropical location, Sandals Resorts has a Free Wedding Package if you stay at any of their all-inclusive resorts for a minimum of three nights!  What a romantic setting to exchange your vows and, roll your honeymoon all into one with your wedding day!   This can be very cost effective and, can be tailored to your budget basing it on how long you want to stay and, how many guests you want to invite, etc.

When thinking about a destination wedding, another great value is getting married at sea while on a cruise ship!  Like a destination beach wedding, a cruise also combines your wedding and honeymoon…and what better way to do so than with a ceremony on the high seas.  This too can be tailored for any budget as cruises can vary in length and ports of departure, ports of call, etc.  The only thing to consider here is, if neither of you have cruised before, it MAY be risky to make your first cruise be your wedding (or honeymoon) cruise.  People who cruise either really love cruising or hate it…there’s usually not much in between.  I absolutely love cruising and find it to be one of the best vacation values out there BUT, it’s a big gamble with one of the most important days of your life, if you’ve never cruised before and don’t know whether it’s for you or not!

If you’re not new to cruising or, are up for the adventure,   A Caribbean Cruise may be the perfect wedding destination! Book Your Caribbean Cruise Today, Only at! EXCLUSIVES – Up to $1,000 to Spend Onboard, Low Rates, & 10% Off Shore Excursions!

Again, Congratulations on your engagement and, Happy Wedding Planning!